Indiana Dunes Elopement

It was a brisk 40 degrees when I met Celine and Jonah at Indiana Dunes for this elopement style shoot, but the sun was still shining in all her brilliance. We bundled up and made our way along the beach braving the wind that blew hard enough to offend, but not enough to hurt. In the comfort of the golden sunlight they ran and danced along the sandy trails of Indiana Dunes, with the seagrass tickling our ankles. It felt like a dreamy adventure along the coast, so much so it took a moment to remember we were still in Indiana.

Celine and Jonah got married back in September of 2020, but wanted adventurous photos that felt like an elopement later on as well. I knew I wanted to shoot an a location that had that epic elopement feel without leaving the Midwest, and after some research and scouting we landed on the Indiana Dunes. Contrary to popular belief, Indiana has many more hidden gems to offer than cornfields as far as the eye can see, and I was determined to prove the Midwest has epic locations to offer for elopements as well. Indiana Dunes weddings have become more popular in the previous years, but elopements are beginning to take off. Most people think that eloping means flying to another state or country and hiking mountains, but it’s absolutely possible to have that dreamy epic elopement without even leaving your state.

On this Friday evening, as the sun went down we pulled out lanterns and continued to shoot as we made our way through the dunes. The stars came out to shine as we welcomed the night with open arms. In the quiet of the darkness they ended the night with a dance in front of the Jeep headlights, embracing the intimate moments in between of stolen glances and sweet kisses. We all kicked the sand out of our shoes and layered up against the bite of the chilly March air, as this perfect evening came to an end.

Celine and Jonah, it was a joy documenting you two together, and the overwhelming love you share. Thank you for your creative spirits and diving into each photo endeavor with such devotion. With love,


If these photos speak to you and you’re interested in creating your own epic and emotional elopement, let’s get in touch and document your story in all it’s beauty. If you have an Indiana Dunes elopement, I promise it will be the most memorable and intimate experience.

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