This isn't just your wedding day, this is the start of your marriage. Marriage is a beautiful symphony that flows and swells as you weave your two lives together into one. It’s messy and emotional and magnificent and one of the most incredible experiences. And it should be documented with that same passion and recognition. Love is what remains true when everything else melts away. So this isn't posed photos and faking interactions. No, you deserve so much more than that. You deserve photos that reflect who you two are together, and all the emotions and genuine moments of the day that unfold naturally. You deserve photos that bring the feelings of that moment flooding back fifty years from now. I promise to create a space for you two to be simply yourself, because your story is important, and your photos should capture the essence of it all. 

Intimate weddings and elopements hold a special place in my heart, because you have to freedom to shed expectations and traditions and create a unique wedding experience that reflects who you are. You aren't getting married for the sake of others. You are getting married because you love each other! This is a day for you to simply show up and be your truest self and experience unconditional love and emotions that come with. So let's create your dream day, and I'll be sure to document it in a genuine and natural way that feels like you.

Imagery that captures the esssence of your love

Intimate wedding & elopement photography BASED in Indiana, documenting love across the u.s.

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I'll be your fly on the wall.

I'm  an intimate wedding and elopement photographer for the non-traditional couples who want to be fully known, loved, and present in the start of marriage to one another. I document deeply emotional stories that focus on your meaningful and genuine experience, rather than cookie cutter wedding photos. Because no wedding is the same, each a truly unique and beautiful story. And your story should be documented honestly, with photos that feel true to you. This won't be an all day photoshoot. I'll be your fly on the wall, capturing the real moments and offering guidance when needed. So when it comes to being present in deep and important moments, you won't even remember I'm there.

Corinne turned our photos into masterpieces that I will cherish forever! Looking through our photos made me relive my whole wedding day from start to finish with tears in my eyes.

If you are thinking of hiring Corinne as a photographer, don’t even think just DO IT! Hiring Corinne was the most extraordinary decision I could ever make for my wedding. She is marvelous to work with and captured every single beautiful moment of our day. She is a true artist with unbelievable talent that is unmatched. Thank you so much Corinne! I gained not just a photographer, but a lifelong friend as well.



- Wang & Sean

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Weddings and traditions can be messy, and I get that having been there done it. So I are here to serve YOU two, as you join your lives together, and help you focus on what is important to both of you. Whether that be planning an epic mountaintop elopement just the two of you, or an intimate affair in your grandmother's backyard, we've got your back. We create and capture beautifully candid moments that you can hold close to your heart for the rest of your lives. Come see how we can help you embrace all the love and emotion to the fullest and capture incredible images along the way. 

From the mountains

to the beaches, we love it all.

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Meet Corinne

MIDWEST Photographer documenting your love, unconventionally

I'm an enneagram 4, romantic, awkward dancing, carefree, traveling photographer. But I bring so much more to the table than just my photography skills. I'm all about passion, words of affirmation, and experiencing incredible joy. Come see how I can help you embrace all the emotion and experiences of your wedding day to the fullest and capture incredible imagery along the way. 


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