Where to Elope in Indiana

Five scenic locations that will make you question if this is Indiana.

At first thought most people think of Indiana as the land of endless cornfields and cows. But you would be surprised at the hidden gems Indiana hides. I love hiking and exploring, so it was a fun challenge growing up in Indiana to find locations that feel adventurous without actually leaving the state. We actually have a lot more waterfalls than you would expect! Maybe you want to elope or share an intimate wedding with close friends and family, but don’t want to go too far from home. These locations below can give you the adventurous experience while staying within the state and not hurting your budget. We may not have mountains, but you can absolutely elope in Indiana and have an incredible, beautiful experience.

Eloping doesn’t have to just be the two of you at the local courthouse. Times are changing and along with it are weddings and elopements. Couples are focusing more on meaningful and heartfelt experiences over traditions while still including family and friends they love. Eloping could mean getting a cabin with family and friends and dancing around a fire, or a private ceremony just the two of you, and a celebratory picnic. The fun thing about elopements and intimate weddings is that it’s yours to mold and create exactly how you want. Below I included five gorgeous locations to elope in Indiana that are real diamonds in the rough.

Indiana Dunes National Park

If you head to the northwest corner of Indiana you’ll find the Indiana Dunes national park. Bordering Lake Michigan, the Indiana Dunes offer gorgeous stretches of beaches, sandy dunes and beautiful forests. The dunes also offer miles of hiking trails, which is perfect for a private, personal elopement. But with a parking lot and lodge right on the beach, Indiana Dunes is also great for an intimate wedding without having to hike for views. You could have an intimate ceremony on the beach with close family and friends, and then celebrate with toasts and dancing at one of the many stunning airbnbs nearby. The Indiana Dunes are an amazing location to elope at in Indiana!

Turkey Run State Park

If you haven’t visited Turkey Run state park yet, it is perfect for an adventurous elopement or wedding while staying within Indiana. Kayak down the creek, cross a suspension bridge or hike up and down stunning cliffs and canyons, exploring with your boo. Nearby is the Turkey Run Inn, which is also available to rent for weddings, or just for family and friends to stay in. There are also fun options for horseback riding, kayaking, canoeing and camping, for a unique elopement experience if you want more than just hiking!

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Lake Wawasee (or any other lake!)

Us Indiana folks love our lakes, and for good reason! Lake Wawasee, Winona Lake, Tippecanoe Lake, and Lake Freeman are just a few of the famed Indiana lakes that make for absolutely beautiful weddings & elopements. There are tons of lake house Airbnb’s available for rent to host a small wedding or elopement, as well as lodges and lakefront property as well! Imagine dancing with close family and friends and grilling out underneath twinkly lights at the water’s edge. And don’t forget to play cornhole for a true midwestern experience!

Brown County State Park

Brown County State Park is beautiful enough as it is, but in the fall it’s something else entirely magical. There are miles of hiking trails and rolling, forested hills with breathtaking views, and feels like Indiana’s own little mountain range. Elope in the hills and golden foliage in the fall, and rent a cabin and have a small wedding with a campfire and smores. There is also the Brown County Inn nearby to stay at or have a wedding at as well, if cabins or camping aren’t your thing but you still want the gorgeous views!

A moody couple's session at France Park, Indiana. Tucked unto the cove by the rushing waterfall on a summer evening.

France Park

You’d be surprised by how many waterfalls there are in Indiana! France Park is a beautiful park with a gorgeous waterfall, forest, and and old stone quarry cove with stunning views. And it’s easy to get to as well! This location offers several pretty spots to elope and explore, and there is a campground within the park too. The waterfall makes for an eye-catching, adventurous scene to elope or have an intimate wedding but also offers easy access to the waterfall area for family and friends that aren’t into hiking as well.

Indiana totally has more than cornfields! There are tons of beautiful Indiana locations to elope at. The amazing aspect of eloping or having an intimate wedding is the ability to create a day that reflects YOU without stressful expectations! You can totally elope in Indiana, create a dream wedding day experience and have the time of your life with your new spouse!

All of these locations have different fees and permits so be sure to research all the info and get your ducks in a row when you start planning your wedding. If you are wanting to have a small celebration with family and friends at a cabin or airbnb, make sure to check rules of the house and how many people are permitted on the property as well! For resources and info on Indiana parks I recommend starting out here – https://www.in.gov/dnr/parklake/

Looking for the perfect location to get married at in Indiana? I’ve got a massive master list of all the hidden gem, stunning locations that are perfect for you! If you need help crafting a unique experience for your wedding or are wanting to elope in Indiana and need guidance, I would be more than happy to help. Intimate weddings and elopements are held near and dear to my heart, and I love documenting meaningful wedding experiences. Contact me below for more information!

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  1. […] There are so many options to eloping or having an intimate wedding. You can do what my husband and I did and get married on a Monday. Getting married during the week opens up more dates and availability for vendors. You can also have your ceremony at sunrise or sunset, or even under the stars. Eloping opens up so many possibilities you otherwise wouldn’t have for a traditional wedding. Not to mention not having to pay an exorbitant amount of money per guest! You also will have more time for portraits, and infinitely more location options. The sky is the limit, and you can get married wherever and whenever you want. But don’t worry, if you don’t want to stray too far from home, be sure to look into gorgeous locations in your home state. If you’re an Indiana native like me, be sure to check out my recent blog post on gorgeous locations to elope in Indiana. […]

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