Ope! 7 Best Places to Elope in the Midwest

Despite the stereotype of only having cornfields, the Midwest is home to some seriously beautiful geography, and you don’t have to travel far to experience breathtakingly beautiful nature for your elopement. This is the 7 best places to elope in the Midwest, from roaring waterfalls and towering sand dunes to rocky canyons and lush forests! […]

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Eloping doesn’t mean you can’t still include your loved ones. This is all the ways you can include your family and friends in your elopement.

How to Include Family and Friends in your Elopement

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Ope! 7 Best Places to Elope in the Midwest - Huron-Manistee Forest, Michigan Elopement

Deciding If You Should Elope

We’ve compiled all the factors to consider when deciding if you should elope, and what that could look like for you!

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This Epic LGBTQ Lake Michigan Elopement has all the moody vibes

Michigan is such a diverse state to elope in, and has countless gorgeous locations that will take your breath away. If you’re wanting to elope in Michigan, but aren’t sure where, these are some of our top recommended locations that will give you an incredible experience and scenery!

Where to Elope in Michigan

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Ope! 7 Best Places to Elope in the Midwest - The Upper Peninsula, Michigan Elopement

How to Elope in Michigan

Michigan is a crown jewel of the Midwest, and offers so many beautiful places to elope! If you’re interested in eloping in Michigan, but aren’t sure where to start, this blog is the perfect guide for you on how to elope in Michigan start to finish.

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So you’re wondering if eloping might be the right choice for you two. Being newly engaged is a whirlwind of emotions, and can bring on a lot of uncertainty of what your wedding will look like. So we compiled 7 signs that you should elope and why! What is an elopement or adventure wedding? Eloping […]

7 Signs You should elope

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Elopement Activities for a Unique Experience - Picnic

Elopement Activities for a Unique Experience

Eloping gives you the freedom to do whatever you want and create your dream day. After all, this is the start of your marriage, so of course it should be all about you two! Often couples will ask, “can we do XYZ?” and the answer is always of course! The best part of elopements is that there are no rules!

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Elopements and traditional weddings are vastly different, with most people thinking eloping means just running off to the courthouse to get legally married. But elopements in today’s age have evolved rapidly and are steadily gaining popularity and favor over traditional weddings. So what are the biggest differences? We’ll tell you six of ’em.

Elopements vs. Weddings: 6 Major Differences

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A wedding reception at Union 12 during a summer sunset.

Indiana Venues that are Perfect for an Intimate Wedding

Let’s be honest, venue shopping for an intimate wedding is harder than it looks. No one wants to pay thousands for a venue that holds 400 people, for a 30 person affair. And some of the unique and gorgeous small wedding venues get buried amongst the hundreds of large traditional wedding venues, so it can quickly become overwhelming trying to find the perfect location.

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If you don’t want a big traditional wedding, but also don’t want to elope just the two of you, then a micro wedding is perfect for you. Micro weddings are infinitely flexible and unique. You can craft a day that fits your relationship perfectly.

How to have a Micro Wedding

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