So, why elope?

photography for the ones taking the road less traveled by

So maybe a big traditional wedding isn't your vibe, and that's okay! It's what brought you here and we are so excited for this journey. We believe in creating an epic experience over expectations and doing things a little differently. Marriage is a lovely, deep and sacred commitment and should be celebrated in a way that is unique to you.

Your photos will breathe with life, reminding you of those moments and the emotion that comes with, like a little time machine. We cut out all the bs, cookie cutter posing and forced smiles and focus on telling your story, in an honest and cinematic way. 

We know this is most likely your first time planning an elopement, and understand it can be overwhelming at first, which is why we are here to guide and help you through it all! This page contains a slew of info on elopements, and don't be shy if you have any questions, reach out and we can help with all the whos-whats-wheres and whens. It's very important to us to connect with you on a relational level, so we in turn can document your story in a way that reflects your hearts. Reach out and let's craft your dream elopement day.


What is an elopement?

Elopements used to be defined as running off in secret, typically without parental approval to get married. But elopements have changed so drastically that we're throwing out that whole definition. 

We define elopements as an adventurous and non-traditional wedding experience, typically in nature and with 20 or less people present. This opens up all the possibilities for a wedding experience that feels like your authentic selves.

I'm Corinne, your elopement photographer and guide to a wedding experience like no other! I'm so passionate about documenting small weddings and elopements because it strips out the expectations and opinions of others, and leaves a safe and peaceful space for you to truly be yourselves.

This is your story being woven together and it should reflect your hearts and how you really are. That means no b.s. poses and forced smiles around here. Come as you are and we'll document your legacy with authentic honesty and artistic craftsmanship. Drop a line, and we can chat about how we can serve you best and create an epic elopement experience. 

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What to Expect

In your handcrafted elopement experience


Brainstorm and book

This is the time to brainstorm all the ideas, locations, and activities for what your elopement day looks like. And this is also the stage to hire a photographer. If you just have a fuzzy idea of your elopement right now that's totally okay! After booking We'll send you a questionnaire and helpful resources to help you begin to set your plans into stone. 


time and setting

Included in our elopement questionnaire is a whole section dedicated to helping you decide a general location. From here we'll create a custom made location guide for the location(s) you're interested in. This includes photos, trail details like distance and difficulty, how much traffic on a trail, and more. So you have a clear choices and can choose a location that's perfect for you!


vendors, activities, and accommodations

Once you've chosen a set location, it's time to start planning! We've got plenty of planning resources for you as well as vendor recommendations if needed. This stage is where you'll begin booking lodging, travel if needed, any activities you're including (like paddleboard rental) and other vendors!


Timelines & Details

It's all starting to come together! We'll hop on the phone together and craft a stress free, seamless timeline for your day so you can relax and forget time exists with your partner. This is the stage to finalize any additional details, and we'll send you an elopement packing checklist as well so you're completely prepared!


Elope and have an epic experience!

Woohoo! It's happening! You'll spend the day soaking up sweet time with each other, and celebrate the start of your beautiful marriage. And I'll be there documenting all the happy tears and laughter shared, so your photos tell your honest and intentional story.

Elopement FAQs

Where are you located?

I'm located in Fort Wayne Indiana, but travel all over the country for elopements and intimate weddings! Travel fees are already factored into all packages as well. 

How do we know how much coverage we need?

Get in touch and we'll hop on a consult call and go over details and example timelines to figure out what's best for you two. You can always add on more time later if needed!

Can our family and friends come to our elopement?

Of course! We define elopements as 20 people or under in attendance. Anything over 20 people we consider an intimate wedding. We believe every wedding and elopement is equally important so pricing is the same for both.

What if we don't have an exact location yet?

Don't fret! After booking I'll send you a questionnaire that goes over location ideas and what your vision looks like. From there I'll send an extensive location list based off your answers and we'll collaborate to find the perfect hidden gem locations!

What if the weather is bad?

If you want me to be honest, it'll make for an epic story and bad. ass. photos! We play the weather by ear, and have multiple backup plans just in case. And we are super flexible, so if we need to rework the timeline we can make it happen!

Do we have to hike?

Not at all! The majority of elopement photos you see on my site were one mile or less of hiking. You can still elope and find jaw dropping locations without having to hike far. Keep in mind as well, we recommend one hour of coverage per mile of hiking to take into account things like snack / water breaks, photos, resting etc. 

Will you help us with permits?

Absolutely. I reach out to parks and handle all the permits around photography (permit costs are NOT included in packages!) I also help you figure out if you need any special permits for your ceremony as well!

Do you help with vendors & accommodations?

I gotchu. I can help find gorgeous lodging, and send you my personal recommendations for vendors. 

Do we need an officiant?

It's different for every state, but Jake and I are both ordained and can legally sign your marriage license / witness if you want to keep your ceremony as private as possible! 

Get in touch for a free consult!

"We hired Corinne to photograph our dunes elopement with about 2 months heads up and she made our planning process so easy! We didn’t have much vision and she really helped direct us through the planning process and through our day to make it even better than we could have imagined. We had not taken professional photos before our elopement and she made us feel so comfortable, it was like spending the day with a friend. She delivered all of our photos early and they turned out so well!! We cannot imagine a better elopement experience and we would recommend Corinne to anyone who asks."

- Brooklyn & Kylan

Client Testimonial

Are you ready for adventure?


Are you ready for adventure?


Are you ready for adventure?


Are you ready for adventure?


Are you ready for adventure?


Are you ready for adventure?


Are you ready for adventure?


Come as you are,

All are welcome here.

We firmly believe in creating a safe and open space for everyone. You deserve to be fully known and loved on your wedding day, regardless of skin color, gender, sexuality, or size. 

Adventuring is for everyone.