Upper Peninsula Elopement // Black Rocks // Michigan Elopement Photographer

A layer of thick fog hovered over the copper treeline as we made our way to Black Rocks, for an epic Upper Peninsula elopement in Michigan. We carefully picked our way over the volcanic rocks, while the wind hissed in our ears. It was cold, but not enough to hurt. Michigan’s upper peninsula is known for its breathtaking autumn, and we shot with Kaylee and Taylor just in time for the prettiest peak fall color of the season. We had all of Black Rocks to ourselves, with Presque Isle Park dropping autumn leaves of copper and gold around our feet as we started shooting. Kaylee and Taylor were so joyous to work with, from their infectious laughter and their sweet love for one another. We spent time slowing down and soaking it all in, shooting along the volcanic shore, before heading down the trail to a little cove for a private ceremony.

Kaylee and Taylor exchanged sweet words in private with one another and then celebrated with a first kiss and an awesome sparkling water pop (We are all about those Leave No Trace principles!) We then explored the hidden little caves and coves, enjoying the bittersweetness of autumn. As the moody clouds and fog rolled in and the sky got darker and darker we wrapped up shooting by the water’s edge. The chilly spray of Lake Superior’s water misted our clothes as they danced and laughed together, with kisses in between. We then made our way back to our cars, simultaneously excited and exhausted by the day’s activities. With fulfilled hearts we said our goodbyes, and Jake and I then drove back to our cabin, relishing the rich fall hue all around us and the heavy fog of the night upon us.

This Upper Peninsula elopement has us already itching to go back to Michigan’s fall beauty. A diamond in the Midwest, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula has so many incredible and breathtaking places to elope. From waterfalls, Black Rocks, mountains, beaches, and caves, there’s a little bit of everything for adventurous couples. Not to mention the absolutely stunning autumn we witnessed! If you’re curious about eloping in the Upper Peninsula, reach out and let’s craft an epic and beautiful wedding experience together! For more info on Marquette’s Presque Isle Park (Black Rocks) check out all the details here.

Hey! I'm Corinne, an adventure elopement + intimate wedding photographer based in Indiana, but documenting love stories across the U.S. I believe in documenting the start of your marriage in an honest and emotional way that reflects your legacy. So that you can look back on photos fifty years from now with the same emotions of the moment flooding back. Let's take the road less traveled by together and craft your dream wedding day!

When I'm not documenting sweet couples, I spend my days with my sweet husband, Jake, two kitty babies and a crazy dog in our hometown of Fort Wayne. I'm obsessed with hiking and finding new trails, Game of Thrones, and creating art.


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