Lake Michigan Elopement at Ludington State Park // Michigan Elopement Photographer

The end of summer sunlight warmed our goosebumps as we met Mae and Jess at the beach for their Lake Michigan elopement. We headed out in the early morning to grab a paddleboard and spent the morning paddleboarding around Lake Michigan, splashing and laughing as sand found it’s way into our bags. Paddleboarding felt like such a perfect end of summer elopement activity for these two, and it was so relaxing to be able to slow down, shoot, and be intentional about our time together for their elopement day.

We took a nice lunch break and then we all piled into the jeep to head to Ludington State Park for their Michigan elopement. The sand was warm but the sky deeply contrasted with a heavy storm beginning to roll in. But that didn’t hold Mae and Jess back from exchanging the sweetest vows and soaking up all their time together in the gorgeous dunes.

After their private ceremony we explored, cracked open a few beers and shot some more portraits before heading back to the jeep to avoid the storm. As we were driving I noticed a trail towards the beach that intrigued me and pulled over, to discover the prettiest view just over a dune. They decided this was the perfect spot for a first dance, and shared their first dance as seagulls soared overhead and the waves roared in our ears. As the sun began to hide behind dark and brooding storm clouds, we headed to our final location, a pier and lighthouse for sunset photos and popping champagne. Miraculously the sun peaked out of a little hole in the wall of clouds and gave us the most unique sunset and colors. Our hearts full of adventure and our bodies exhausted, we finished the night with some pizza, beer, and us excitedly editing previews of their sweet Lake Michigan elopement.

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Hey! I'm Corinne, an adventure elopement + intimate wedding photographer based in Indiana, but documenting love stories across the U.S. I believe in documenting the start of your marriage in an honest and emotional way that reflects your legacy. So that you can look back on photos fifty years from now with the same emotions of the moment flooding back. Let's take the road less traveled by together and craft your dream wedding day!

When I'm not documenting sweet couples, I spend my days with my sweet husband, Jake, two kitty babies and a crazy dog in our hometown of Fort Wayne. I'm obsessed with hiking and finding new trails, Game of Thrones, and creating art.


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