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You aren't awkward in front of the camera.

I totally understand feeling hella awkward while getting pictures taken. But hear me out, when was the last time you had professional photos done? Chances are, you aren't actually awkward in front of the camera, you've just had awkward pictures taken, and hey we've all been there! That's why instead of cookie cutter poses, I work very candidly, with easygoing prompts that draw your natural selves out. So your photos will feel like a genuine reflection of your love!

Experience > Things

Don't get me wrong, I love a good golden hour too, but the best photos are the ones that aren't about looking good for the gram'. It's about your experience, the candid moments and genuine emotions being forever frozen in time.

Not into big hikes? Let's chill and celebrate in your backyard. Big crowds make you anxious? Let's picnic in a field of wildflowers. Whatever your day looks like, your photos and your experience will be authentic to you!


My Approach

My style is blend of cinematography and documentary-style photojournalism, with creative, moody, romantic images that feel like a true reflection of your hearts. I'm passionate about documenting every little detail of your day, whether it be the happy tears at your first look, your flower dog running down the aisle, a peaceful moment together at sunset, or throwing it DOWN on the dance floor after shots with your best friends. I promise to pour my heart into my craft for your memories to be perfectly frozen in time forever. 




It's Important We See Beauty in the same things.

I want my couples to feel like we would totally hang out outside this whole photography thing. So instead of feeling like a stranger is documenting your day, it feels like a good friend. It's important we vibe together, so I can document your epic love story in all it's beauty. 


Let's get this party started.







All you need to do from here is reach out and get in touch with me through my contact page! From there we'll connect on the phone and I'd love to hear all about your love story and vision for your wedding day!

Booking is super duper easy! All I need from you is a signed contract and 30% retainer paid to officially book and reserve your date. 

Once you book I'll send over my elopement and wedding planning guide, as well as a location guide if you need, vendor recs, and timeline creation, so you have a relaxed and joyful wedding experience!

How do we know how much coverage we need?

We'll figure this out together over your consultation call! I'll go over example timelines, details of your day, and what you want covered to ensure you have the perfect amount of coverage. And you can always add on more time if wanted at any point as well. 

Do we have to hike for our elopement?

Not at all! The majority of elopement photos you see on this page involved less than one mile of hiking total. You don't have to be a super active hiker to elope, and you can decide how much walking you're comfortable with. There are tons of locations that are just a ten minute walk from a parking lot to reach! Or consider a taking a tour with a 4x4, jeep, dune buggy, boat, or helicopter if you want a private, remote location or epic views without a long hike. 

What if We're eloping, but don't have a location yet?

Actually, a lot of couples don't have exact locations / details figured out yet when booking with us and that is totally okay! We get that this is probably your first time planning an elopement, so we are very hands on and work with you to find a location that fits you perfect. We also send you a questionnaire that goes over scenery suggestions and what you like. From there I'll send an extensive location list with all the details (like trail length and difficulty) and we'll collaborate to find the perfect hidden gem locations!

Do you use a shot list + do formal shots?

Rather than going off a shot list of what to capture, I like to shoot the day as it naturally unfolds. I capture all the details, getting ready shots, group photos and of course family formals- just without the "pretend to do this and pose for fifteen minutes!" I also understand family members love the classic photos of the two of you smiling for the camera, so I am always sure the sprinkle a few traditional photos into your gallery as well, so your grandma has something to hang on the fridge!

Do you offer payment plans?

Absolutely! I've been there and totally feel the stress that can come with budgeting for even a small wedding or elopement. I offer several different payment plan options, so you don't have to worry about finances, and instead can focus on enjoying this chapter of life to the fullest with each other! 

How do we officially book?

Booking is easy peasy. Once a contract with a set date is signed and a 30% retainer is made you are officially all booked! I usually communicate with you over the phone or email but we can absolutely meet up for drinks and chat about details. 

Where are you located?

I'm based in good ole' Fort Wayne Indiana, but travel all over the Midwest for sweet weddings and elopements. Travel costs are already factored into all my packages as well!

What's the difference between weddings and elopements?

We define elopements as 15 guests or less! Over 15 guests we consider a wedding, although there is no difference in pricing, the only difference is the hours of coverage offered, with elopements starting at 2 hours, and weddings at 6 hours. 

We feel awkward in front of the camera. What should we expect?

I feel you. Getting your photo taken can feel super intimidating or scary, but don't worry! I love to play fun music to fit the mood, and get you guys moving and laughing organically through natural prompts. Forced poses and "cheese!" is not my forte, and instead I love to hang out, chat, and capture you two as you are. I love candids, but I absolutely give direction when needed to make sure you are comfortable. (Because who ever knows where to put their hands?)

How do we know how much coverage we need?

We'll figure this out together over your consultation call! I'll go over example timelines, details of your day, and what you want covered to ensure you have the perfect amount of coverage. And you can always add on more time if wanted at any point as well. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Your photos will immortalize your love.