The sweetest first look at this Indiana summer wedding

Indiana Summer Wedding // Hannah & Corbin // Indiana Wedding Photographer

September 16, 2021

nd a lovely forecast of showers. But a little wind couldn’t damper their spirits. We braved the wind and they had the sweetest intimate first look, and then read heartfelt letters to each other *cue the photographer tears.*

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It was a year later than they were expecting as Natalie and Cody stood hand in hand under the string lights of Bergstaff Place. It wasn’t what they had originally planned, after rescheduling due to COVID, their love still strengthened through all of the trials 2020 threw their way.

Bergstaff Place Spring Wedding // Natalie & Cody // Fort Wayne Wedding Photographer

June 21, 2021

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Elopement Activities for a Unique Experience - Picnic

Elopement Activities for a Unique Experience

May 4, 2021

Eloping gives you the freedom to do whatever you want and create your dream day. After all, this is the start of your marriage, so of course it should be all about you two! Often couples will ask, “can we do XYZ?” and the answer is always of course! The best part of elopements is that there are no rules!

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A golden hour Sedona Elopement near Thunder Mountain

It was the most perfect afternoon for a Sedona elopement. The wind playfully tickled our necks and the sun smiled down as we made our way through the red rock trails. After a sweet first look these two shared vows overlooking Sedona and the iconic Bell Rock. After shooting for a while we headed to a different trailhead near Thunder Mountain.

Sunset Sedona Elopement

May 3, 2021

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The prettiest elopement with lanterns under the stars

Indiana Dunes Elopement

March 24, 2021

It was a brisk 40 degrees when I met Celine and Jonah at Indiana Dunes for this elopement style shoot, but the sun was still shining in all her brilliance. We bundled up and made our way along the beach braving the wind that blew hard enough to offend, but not enough to hurt. In the comfort of the golden sunlight they ran and danced along the sandy trails of Indiana Dunes, with the seagrass tickling our ankles.

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Elopement Activities for a Unique Experience - First Dance

The wedding industry is changing, and elopements aren’t what they used to be. Back in the day, eloping was defined by running away to get married in secret, usually at a courthouse. But now eloping has infinite meaning and possibilities, and is quickly surpassing traditional weddings in popularity. We define eloping as “a wedding experience with a focus on you and your authentic selves together. And creating a space to be known and loved by one another without expectations from others.” So what are the biggest differences in a traditional wedding vs elopement?

Traditional Wedding Vs Elopement: The Biggest Differences

March 16, 2021

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A couple snuggling in a field during their golden hour fall engagement session

Muncie Fall Engagement Session // Michaela & Jay // Indiana Wedding Photographer

March 3, 2021

It was a perfect October evening for this Muncie fall engagement session with Michaela and Jay. I met them at a trailhead near their house, and we were blessed with the most incredible golden hour. Amid the chaos of COVID and the state of the world, it was wonderful for these two to spend an evening laughing and snuggling with each other and take a step back from everything else.

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A wedding reception at Union 12 during a summer sunset.

Let’s be honest, venue shopping for an intimate wedding is harder than it looks. No one wants to pay thousands for a venue that holds 400 people, for a 30 person affair. And some of the unique and gorgeous small wedding venues get buried amongst the hundreds of large traditional wedding venues, so it can quickly become overwhelming trying to find the perfect location.

Indiana Venues that are Perfect for an Intimate Wedding

March 2, 2021

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Bride and groom exit their Indiana outdoor wedding with a beautiful sparkler exit

Indiana Backyard Wedding // Angelica & Rob // Union Go Dairy Farm

February 11, 2021

When Angelica and Rob reached out to me, they described their Indiana backyard wedding as a “Dutch/American wedding with Mexican food at his family’s dairy farm.” And I knew immediately that this would be an incredible and unique experience. Rob’s family moved here from the Netherlands to run their family dairy farm, Union Go Dairy. Angelica didn’t expect to fall for a farmer, but it was one of life’s greatest surprises.

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Bride and groom toasting speeches and drinking champagne during their Indiana backyard wedding.

If you don’t want a big traditional wedding, but also don’t want to elope just the two of you, then a micro wedding is perfect for you. Micro weddings are infinitely flexible and unique. You can craft a day that fits your relationship perfectly.

How to have a Micro Wedding in 2021

January 21, 2021

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