Max Patch Sunset Elopement // North Carolina Elopement Photographer

The wind blew gently through the golden flowers on top of Max Patch. Alexis and Javier met us along the winding trails and we made our way to the top for their Max Patch elopement. We were met with the most glorious golden sunset over the mountainscape. Alexis and Javier were so easy together, with nothing but laughing smiles and soft touches and kisses.

It’s an unexplainable feeling, to feel your lungs expand with air in front of such a breathtaking view. The 4,600 elevation was an easy half mile hike that transported us to another realm. It was a place of beauty and calm freedom. Allowing us to be lighter and create a meaningful space to simply be for their Max Patch elopement. They basked in the dying light and lost themselves in sweet and secret moments.

It’s moments like this that are frozen in our mind’s eye forever. Feeling the slight bite of wind, the scent of sweet flowers and the trees fading from green to gold. These moments are deserving of slowing down and soaking up every detail, and holding it close to your heart when it slips away. Alexis and Javier were lost in their warmth for one another, sneaking kisses and laughing. The mountains drew in the fog of the coming night and as the sun dipped below the horizon, they faded away with it.

It was a beautiful honor and a joy to capture a glimpse of their love for one another and document their sweet Max Patch elopement. I’m so thankful they were able to share a meaningful experience and soak up this time together. I encourage you to visit and allow yourself to slow down and deeply feel the beauty and whisperings of this place. We will return soon!

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Max Patch, North Carolina couple's session at sunset. A golden hour session with wildflowers and a beautiful mountainscape.

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Max Patch Elopement Photographer

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